Intruder Alarms

Access Control

~ Installing a burglar alarm reduces the chances of becoming a victim of crime ~

Make sure you know who is accessing restricted areas and manage entry to your building or premises with our range of access control systems. 


From a single room to an entire building or property, access control can limit any area you want, to authorised persons only – a simple and effective way of increasing security within both commercial and residential properties.


We operate a complete locksmith service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide a fast response service so that your problem can be fixed quickly and hassle-free, with safe and effective solutions to ensure your problem is resolved, no matter how big or small it may be. 


Door Lock


Having the locks changed is not just for when you have been burgled.


If your door is old then you may find it’s not as secure as it could be and it’s simple to resolve.


If you are moving into a new house, this is a simple way of guaranteeing that only the right people have access

Electric Door Entry

Electric Door Entry

Ensure that only authorised personnel gain access to secure areas of your building by having an electric door lock with key fob entry.


Perfect for the home and secure areas of your business. 

Anti-snap Lock

Anti snap locks

Lock snapping is a burglary technique whereby the cylinder lock found in a UPVC door is snapped to gain access to the main lock case and gain entry to a property. 


This cylinder lock vulnerability has been resolved with the introduction of anti snap locks. 


Our locks are anti-snap, anti bump and anti drill locks and are also British standard approved. 

Key Safe

Key Safes

Never be locked out of your house again! 


Also perfect for:


Cleaners, Carers, Kids, Guests


A key safe ensures you minimise the number of duplicate keys leaving the premesis. 

Access via keypads, cards or fobs 

Single and multi-networked doors

3 Year Guarantee

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24/7 Emergency support

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